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Shape the Qualdesk beta
8 October 2018 by Peter Parkes

The Qualdesk beta is taking shape, and we’re looking for people to participate in research sessions to help us shape the launch feature set.

Are you:

  • a user researcher
  • a product manager
  • a designer or UX person

who carries out research as part of your day-to-day work,

based in:

  • London or the south-east of England
  • New York City
  • a city on the Eastern seaboard of the US between NYC and Miami

and do you have 90 minutes over the next few weeks to participate in a face-to-face research session?

If so, it’d be great to hear from you. Please fill out this form or email us with your details, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a session at a time convenient for you.

You can now include links to images and other resources in your sessions in Qualdesk.

For example, you might want to link to:

  • stimulus material used during a session, e.g. a card sort exercise or sketches you’re testing
  • photos, audio or video files you captured during the session
  • verbatim notes taken using Google Docs or Microsoft Word

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New alpha feature: add notes to insights
30 August 2018 by Peter Parkes

You can now add observations and quotes directly to insights in the alpha without having to add them to a theme first.

In the original alpha release there was an enforced hierarchy of:

ProjectsSessions (with observations and quotes)ThemesInsights

Now you can:

This is all with the aim of making Qualdesk more flexible and so that it suits the way you want to plan and run your projects, rather than enforcing specific structures.

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New alpha feature: add notes directly to projects
29 August 2018 by Peter Parkes

You can now add observations and quotes directly to projects in Qualdesk.

This makes it easier to use Qualdesk for ad-hoc or continuous research as you no longer have to organise things into sessions.

For example, this might allow you to use Qualdesk to:

  • store and manage ongoing feedback from existing users of your product or service that you gather outside of formal research sessions
  • drop in preliminary evidence gathered before a project starts

You can add these observations and quotes to themes within a project just as you can with those from sessions.

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New alpha feature: invite and manage users
28 August 2018 by Peter Parkes

If you’re an admin of your organisation, you can now invite and manage users yourself.

How do I do this?

  1. Click on your name on the right hand side of the navigation bar to reveal the settings menu
  2. Click Manage organisation
  3. Send invitations and manage users with the controls below

More new features will launch this week – stay tuned.

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Qualdesk alpha now live
20 August 2018 by Peter Parkes

I’m excited to announce that after a couple of months of extensive research and software development, the Qualdesk alpha is now live.

What’s in the alpha?

It allows you and your team to:

  • Track research projects and sessions
  • Store and tag summary notes and key quotes from each session in one place
  • Search these notes and quotes and pull them together into themes
  • Group themes and create and store key insights in an insight repository
  • Share these insights with your team and wider organisation

New features will be added throughout the alpha period.

Who’s it for?

If you’re in one of these groups, have a research project coming up and you’re up for trying something experimental, it’s for you:

  • Design, UX and research teams in tech companies, agencies and consulting firms
  • Product managers and product owners in tech companies, agencies and consulting firms

Can I get access?

Almost certainly yes, but I want to make sure that everyone has the best possible alpha experience and so not everyone who signs up will get access immediately.

It’s also worth pointing out that this software is still at a highly experimental stage and things may change and break without much warning.

Having said that, I know how many of you are excited to try it out and was keen to release this as soon as I could, so please sign up and spread the word among your networks.

Big thanks

Finally, thank you to everyone who’s been a part of the Qualdesk research journey so far, and particular thanks to those in the ResearchOps and Mixed Methods Slack communities for your interest and support.

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Prototype testing
7 June 2018 by Peter Parkes

A few weeks into Qualdesk’s journey and the first prototypes have started to emerge.

I’m looking for volunteers to help shape the future direction of the product and – in exchange – you’ll get to see some exciting early stage software.

If you are:

  • a design/user researcher or research leader in an internal team
  • a PM or designer who carries out research as part of your work
  • in a similar role in a consulting or agency environment

it’d be great to speak with you. Sign up below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to meet or speak.

The alpha is now live!

Hello, world
2 May 2018 by Peter Parkes

Good design research is the foundation of the product creation and innovation process at design and technology companies around the world. But it’s slow, often frustrating and prone to human bias.

Qualdesk is on a mission to change that.

Over the last 6+ years I’ve participated in and run hundreds (probably thousands) of research sessions, and I’ve recognised that there’s a big opportunity to help designers, product managers and their teams to speed things up and get better results at the same time.

That’s why I founded Qualdesk. I look forward to sharing more over the coming weeks and months, and Qualdesk will launch later in 2018.

If this has already piqued your interest, please sign up and I’ll be in touch to figure out how we can make Qualdesk work best for you and your organisation.

The alpha is now live!